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Patatas bravas with alioli and spicy sauce 5.95

Crispy chicken with mediterranean herbs and mustard sauce 5.95

Mediterranean dips spicy feta, beetroot chrain, houmous and mixed vegetables with pitta bread 7.95

Cod fritters with mojo rojo sauce 7.95

Iberico ham croquettes 7.95

Truffle potato spanish omelette 8.95

Crispy baby squids with alioli 8.95

Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce and parmesan cheese 9.95

Fried eggs with crisps iberico ham and truffle oil 10.95

Veal carpaccio with rocket and Harry´s bar sauce 11.95

Tuna carpaccio with lambs lettuce, rocket and nuts 12.95

Iberico ham with toasted bread and tomato 14.95

Foie micuit with preserved figs 14.95



Feta cheese with tomatoes, cucumber, olives and oregano 7.95

Grilled chicken with provolone and greek sauce 9.95

Cod confit with tomatoes, olives and romesco sauce 10.95

Mixed tomatoes with tuna and rocket 10.95

Burrata cheese with tomatoes, rocket and Kalamata olives 11.95



Wild mushroom risotto with truffle sauce 10.95

Creamy rice with baby squid and king prawns 11.95

Duck and mushroom creamy rice 12.95

Paella valenciana with chicken and rabbit (2 people) 11.95 p.p.*

Black rice with baby squid and ali oli (2 people) 11.95 p.p.*

Octopus and clams rice with red pepers (2 people) 12.95 p.p.*

Monkfish and squid rice with aliioli (2 people) 13.95 p.p.*

*Price per person



Evenings, holidays and weekend


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine, courgette, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives 9.95

Tomato sauce, tuna, roasted peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes and Kalamata olives 11.95

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil, ham, rocket, semi dried tomato and parmesan cheese 12.45

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, iberico ham, tomatoes and manchego cheese 12.45

Truffle, mozzarella, goat´s cheese, mushrooms, salad, wine marinated onions and foie 12.95



*Homemade burgers 100% beef all served with french fries

Tagliatelle with boletus sauce egg at low temperature and truffle 10.95

Greek veal moussaka 10.95

Tagliatelle allo scoglio clams, mussels and king prawns 12.95

*Burger with grilled tomatoes, egg, provolone cheese, lettuce and alioli 10.95

*Baltasar burger with caramelized onions, foie, lettuce and brie cheese 11.95

Cotoletta chicken with tomato sauce mozzarella, rocket and parmesan cheese 11.95

Pork cheeks with creamy mashed onions and celeriac 11.95

Caramelized pork ribs with honey and rosemary 12.95

“Cachopo” breaded steak filled with iberico ham and cheese, french fries and red peppers 15.95



*Choose your main ingredient with your favorite sauce and side

Main ingredient

· Hake 11.95

· Cod  14.95

· Salmon 14.95

· Octopus 14.95

· Tuna (Yellowfin) 16.95

· Marinated chicken 11.95

· Iberico pork steak 14.95

· Duck breast 14.95

· Rib steak 15.95

· Fillet steak 16.95


Mojo rojo




Cheese sauce

Spicy sauce


Wine sauce


French fries

Roast potato

Mashed truffle potato

Stir fried vegetables

Salad with rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese



· Tiramisú   4.95
classic tiramisú cake 

· Creme brulé   4.95
soft cream with biscuit ice cream

· Strawberries   5.25
with vanilla ice cream

· Chocolate cake   5.65
with almond ice cream

· Italian cheesecake   5.85
in berries soup and ice cream

· Caramelized bread pudding   5.95
with almond ice cream

· Our Ferrero Rocher   5.95
with ice cream

· Ice creams  4.95
two scoops to choose