Patatas bravas with ali oli and spicy sauce 7.95
Crispy chicken with mediterranean herbs and mustard dressing 9.95
Ham croquettes 9.95
Cod fitters with mojo rojo dressing 10.95
Truffle spanish omelette 9.95
Mediterranean dips with spicy feta, beetroot chrain, houmous and sicilian caponara with raw vegetables and pita bread 10.95
Crunchy baby squids with alioli 10.95
Grilled vegetables with romesco and parmesan cheese 11.95
Fried eggs with Chips, ham and truffle oil 12.95
Iberico ham with toasts and tomato 17.95


Grilled chicken with provolone and greek sauce 10.95
Confited cod with tomato, olives and romesco 12.95
Mixed tomatoes with tuna, tuna ham and arugula 12.95
Gorgonzola cheese mixed salad, sweet apple, semi dried tomato and pine nuts 11.95
Russian salad with tuna ventresca 11.95


Mushroom risotto with truffle dressing 12.95
Creamy duck rice with mushrooms and foie 13.95
Creamy baby squid ricewith king prawns 13.95
*Black rice with squids and fresh garlic (2 person) 13.95 p.p.*
*Paella valenciana witch chicken and rabbit (2 person) 13.95 p.p.*
*Paella mixta tot pelat with unboned chicken, baby squids, shrims, turnip and, chipirones, gambas, rape y mussels (2 person) 14.95 p.p.*
*Banda rice with shirm and squid with ali oli (2 person) 15.95 p.p.*
*Seafood fideua sepia, shrim, cicata and mussels (2 person) 16.95 p.p.*
*Seafood paella sepia, shrim, cicata and mussels (2 person) 16.95 p.p.*


Greek tomato sauce, mozzarella, aubergine, zuchinni, fetqa cheese, cherry tomato and Kalamata olives 12.95
Cantábrica tomate sauce, tuna, onion, baked pepper, mozzarella, cherry and Kalamata olives 12.95
Italian tomate sauce, mozzarella, basil, York ham, arugula, semidried tomato and parmesan cheese 13.45
Ibérian tomato sauce, mozzarella, iberico ham, egg, fresh tomato and Manchego cheese 13.45
French truffle sauce, mozzarella, goat's cheese, mushrooms, canons, onion and foie 14.95


Mushroom tagliatelle with low temperature egg and truffle 12.95
Allo scoglio tagliatelle mussels and king prawns 14.95
*Burger with baked tomato, egg, provolone cheese, lettuce and alioli 12.95
*Baltasar burger with caramelized onion, canons and brie cheese 13.95
Veal cheeks with creamy onion foam and celery 14.95
Tuna tataki with potatoes salad and mustard vinaigrette 17.95
Cordon bleu with baked jam and four cheese with lots of cheese sauce 18.95


Hake with Maxim’s potatoes and rattatouille 13.95
Grilled salmon with tagliatelles with aurugula, baked tomato, parmesan, honey sauce and mustard 15.95
Cod steak with grilled vegetables and romesco sauce 16.95
Octopus with pimenton oil, potatoes foam and mojo rojo 16.95
Marinated chicken with romero baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables 12.95
Duck breast with roasted root vegetables, brocoli sprouts and grape sauce 15.95
Roasted iberican pork con puré de patata, salsa de hongos y ensalada de rúcula 17.95
Entrecotte steak with french fries and roasted red peppers 17.95
Sirloin steak with french fries and roasted vegetables 19.95


Tiramisú The classic tiramisu cake 5,95
Creme brulé Soft cream with Maria biscuit ice cream 5,95
Strawberries With vanilla ice cream 6,25
Chocolate cake With almond ice cream 6,65
Italian cheesecake With redberries syrup 6,85
Bread pudding Caramelized with almond ice cream 6,95
Ferrero Rocher With ice cream 6,95
Ice creams (with two flavous) 5,95


Mediterranean feelings